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25 février 2013 - Editorial - Commenter -

Just a month of February has been as intense as promised. These days I was so busy taking pictures that I barely had time to update blogs or pages. But I'm not complaining. I think it's on the street, camera in hand, where I like to be and once again I had the very great fortune to spend so much more time at the computer.

These last few weeks I was able to test the study with different projects and think everything is going as it should. In the book "should" I still have a pair of touchdowns, but the truth is that I have updated the calendar and that was the challenge of the month. Now, time to keep looking forward and keep the momentum of these days. I want to mention what has worked really hard for the team and how pleased I am with the results. When you look back and think in February 2013, is sure to be remembered with great affection.


I leave you with a teaser of the last editorial we do. There are things on the horizon, and are all promising. I'm happy.

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