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30 July 2013 - Opinión - Comment -

A few days ago , I come back to the bizarre story that there was a magical way to climb Fan Page on Facebook . Granted, it threw me into the pool with " buying them? " and of course, as always , I crashed into the new rogue .


I must admit that the idea sounded in principle interesting. Merge the private profile and public . In principle , it is as Holy Grail. After nearly a decade in which many people were cultivating friends like winning points in a computer game, the ability to transfer that amount to a huge number of likes radiant with self-promotion that is given ... tempting.


Of course, now comes the fine print. What if you lose the previously uploaded , wait, wait ... I like my life , so I do not mind having separate different personal and professional aspects of it . And I prefer to remain as they are , so I do not sound so nice . Well all that said if for some reason this practice came into my idea of ethics, do not forget that when someone is my friend , I do not do it for my job, and who does it always find a sign stating that this Finally I upload my Fanpage that pr true , here ar:



Mi super page en Facebook

Otherwise , I have a personal life that I love and I do not feel like to lose. That , to say that I would be causing a sort of virtual fraud plan , listen guys, I just want to you to go up Likes me , thanks. Thanks for being a number. No, this is not me .

So, without acrimony thanks but no thanks , Facebook . It is an idea that can go well for companies that were created before they could access the profiles , for people who have a mindset different from mine or for those who like to speculate with people. For me, each name is in my personal contact list is a life that I care so it is not so I can bring in to the gallery .


This is not new , I remember the same thing happened with the sweepstakes and contests to gain fans and that gave me hours of heated debate with many colleagues and friends whose arguments , but never convinced me , I still seem perfectly reasonable and understandable but simply I am among those who think that my course it must decide the place you want to go , not the direction in which the wind blows all the time . Also knows that those who carry the cross of sufrirme live . Therefore, if you know me in person or have an interest in knowing who I am in my life in shoes , understand that this is not an automatic process. I give my time when deciding who to let into the house . However, if what interests you is my professional life , or my paranoia camera in hand, I invite you click on the image arrba and follow my misadventures on my page, you may find something of your interest .

Regards and good night.



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