We Marry ... in the Higerón

19th October 2013 - Report - Comment -

This morning in the hotel Higueron , the event was held Marry Us with the participation of a large representation of future pairs of husband and wife. With this appointment, is to promote the Fig Tree as a distinct and unique place to celebrate links and perform all the rituals of feasting and celebration that always attached to them in a cool, modern and attractive.

To celebrate this event , Marta Blanco, Linda de España and Dani Rivero, Guapo de Andalucía , contracted a fictitious marriage to promote it on a moving ceremony truthfully . All New Fashion team present him a crybaby and all! The truth is that we had a scandal , we ate like kings and were treated like ambassadors. With conditions like that, you get up with another spirit and all.


Here some images for you can share the moments we live this morning. Pay attention to dresses and bridal party who filed the signature Miss Elle Novias and girls wore beautiful in New Fashion agency . The makeup was in charge of the girls from school Master II Arteness and hairdressing team was working Eloy Antonio Hairdressers . Round the result , as always.


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