VOGUE: The Editor´s Eye

02nd December 2013 - Opinión - Comment -

One of my favorite books of recent times as photography is concerned is that I bring you today. VOGUE : The Editor 's Eye. As many of you know , I came to fashion practically bouncing , and I had to adapt very quickly to the language spoken in these parts. However, I have never felt lost because I have a book.


This is a phrase of mine, actually. I have always looked on the shelves the inspiration for everything I 've done in life. It is true that the practice , repetition, correction, are essential elements of learning but first of all, you have to see how. In my case, I have an extensive library full of visual references and little gems that have helped me a lot to grow, even in this world of fashion photography.


One of my main references is this librlo, VOGUE : The editor 's Eye. No exceptional photographic works that go into it , not because I feel very inclined to copy them, but because it gives me something that is more important than only job. It gives the point of view of the person you have chosen a particular photo above others. I teach what has picture special to stand out from the rest.


Often technically perfect photographs that really tell me nothing jobs are. Yes, a horse. So pretty! One evening, beautiful. A model, fascinating. A view of the sky, yeah, sure. But I see absolutely nothing photographer in all that work. Photographer does what it should, lights corrected, edited nauseam but adds nothing of himself. And I'm bored. I want more, I aspire to more, and work more. We must find the balance between personality and tendencies. And in this particular way in life, I like to have as references to professionals who can give more while still being themselves.
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