18 November 2013 - Opinión - Comment -

New Faces , Fresh Faces , discoveries ... A while now , seems to have become fashionable concept of discovery. And I think also , I have believed in this life and when I have most enjoyed the camera , has often been at the hands of these people without experince , but when serious work , I think I still prefer the old concept of a well-established professional model and professional resources foolproof . The better the model answers , but I can devote to doing my part and working great confidence is established.


The practical application of this is that when you just ask for a coffee before a fashion show and address of the agency appears to you with a look you've ever seen to ask a couple of simple but crucial photos , you know that will have you finish before that cools the drink.


2 minutes with Graciela got many great pictures. I am delighted to have worked with her.

131114 Graciela
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